Cool Massage in Unseo

Cool massage parlor in Incheon South KoreaCool Massage is one of many massage parlors operating near the Incheon International Airport in South Korea. This is not to be confused with Cool in the Gangnam neighborhood of Seoul which has already been described on this website.

While the Cool Massage shop is totally obvious and even marked with illuminated signs displaying the shop’s named in English it is a little more hidden than some of the other massage parlors in the area. That’s because the main entrance to Cool Massage is located in a pedestrian court rather than on a road open to vehicular traffic.

Cool Massage is less than a five minute walk from the Unseo Train station. This station is the gateway for most people visiting the area. It is only two stops away from the Incheon International Airport when taking the AREX train. The same train connects the area to downtown Seoul though that trip takes more like an hour. Taxis and buses also travel to the area from the airport with different costs and procedures.

Cool Massage is located on the fifth floor of a building that houses multiple businesses including restaurants and a kind of computing center where guys pay to play video games on souped up computers. Both the lift and the staircase are heavily marked with signs indicating the location of the massage parlor. On the fifth floor all sorts of big bright signs point out the entrance which is the only thing on the floor other than a public restroom.

Once they enter customers immediately come to a small front desk staffed by a manager. The manager can speak basic English but has no problem giving the price for a session which is 180,000 Won ($162 USD). This is more than a lot of guys pay for sessions on *Hooker Hill but average for the area.

After paying the fee customers are led to one of many private massage rooms. They are small and a little worn down even though they aren’t used for much. Customers change out of their street clothes in these rooms and put on a pair of shorts provided by the shop. Once this is done they are greeted by one of the women on staff.

The ladies on staff at Cool Massage are in their thirties and forties. They are relatively fit and attractive for their ages though obviously they aren’t as good looking as the cream of the crop who work the high end facilities for businessmen in Seoul. Most cannot speak English beyond the basic statements like “let’s go” and “turn over” that are required to get through a session.

Customers are led by the masseuses into wash rooms that contain shower heads and flat shower tables. The customers undress and lay down on the tables so that their masseuses can wash them from head to toe. This procedure is more mechanical than sensual.

Once customers are cleaned they are mounted by the masseuses who perform oral and full services until the job is done. Women who do these sorts of jobs tend to go through the motions most likely due to the nature of their work. That can be true at Cool Massage though some of the women on staff go above and beyond the call of duty at times. High flying adventures that challenge anything else in the immediate area are possible at times.

Once sessions end customers are cleaned again and led back to the massage room to change. After that they are bid a fond adieu and shown to the door.

Cool Massage. Unseo, Incheon, South Korea. Open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Click here for a map.


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