Hue Massage in Unseo

Hue well being full service massage near incheon airportHue Massage is one of many massage parlors located in the town of Unseo near the Incheon International Airport. The entrance to Hue Massage is marked with a spinning sign that says “Massage” in English and Korean. It is right next to the building that houses Cool Massage in Unseo.

Cool Massage is on the fifth floor of its building. It is accessed by an elevator that is filled with advertisements. Hue Massage is on the fifth floor of the neighboring building. It is accessed by an elevator with no advertisements at all. Still Hue is well marked. It has signs outside, in the building, in the elevator and in front of the door.

Hue Massage has no set hours. At times it may be open around the clock like some local competitors. At other times especially in the early morning hours it closes up shop. There are times especially in the off hours when Cool is open and Hue is closed or vice versa.

Hue has a large brown entrance that says “Well-Being Massage”. A door bell on the right side of the door is used by customers to gain entrance. Inside there is a long couch and a desk. Customers pay 150,000 Won ($131 USD) for a full service massage session. The management which consists of two older Korean women has a card explaining the price and service in non-native English.

There are a few women working at Hue. They are all Korean and in their late 20’s to 30’s. Some would be described as quite attractive by most. A few may not be described in that way. All wear form fitting dresses and have their hair and makeup done. Some smoke.

After paying for a massage customers are taken down a series of winding hallways to one of many available rooms. The rooms are lit with red lights and contain dressers, a bed and a large bathroom with a table shower.

Customers are washed from head to toe at the outset of their sessions. Various body parts are involved in the process though it stops short of the kind of “soapy slide” seen at some similar places around the world.

After showering and drying customers are taken back into the main room where they receive their service. Things tend to be mechanical as the women work with a lot of customers throughout the day. There can be exceptions but ultimately the ladies have a job to do and are there to work and earn money rather than make romantic human connections.

After the massage service customers are given a stand up shower and dried. They are then offered a free drink out of a small refrigerator in the room. Finally they are dressed and led through the winding hallways back to the lobby where they put on their shoes and head out the door.

Hue Massage. Unseo, Incheon, South Korea. Open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Click here for a map.


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