King Massage in Unseo

King Massage in Unseo Incheon Seoul South KoreaKing Massage is one of many massage parlors operating near the Incheon International Airport in South Korea. The massage parlor is located in an area called Airport Times Square in Unseo which is easily reached via the AREX rail line and a number of buses and other forms of transportation.

AREX is modern rail line that connects the city of Seoul to the Incheon Airport. Unseo is two stops away from the airport when heading toward Seoul.

Heading out of the main exit at Unseo train station leads to an intersection. By crossing the road and walking straight down the sidewalk punters head toward the area where most of the massage parlors including King are concentrated.

King Massage is marked with a set of large red signs with both Korean and English lettering. As is usually the case this is a sign that the place is foreigner friendly. Seemingly all of the massage parlors in Unseo are totally open and welcoming to foreigners. This makes sense since the place is so near the airport. It also makes sense considering that Korean speaker have a lot of options in Seoul and other cities and have no real reason to visit a place like Unseo just to get a rub down with a little extra.

Customers reach King by entering the building that houses it and heading up the third floor. There they simply walk in the door. There is no need to ring any bells or anything like that.

Inside customers find a well appointed lobby and a front desk worker who can speak just enough English to demand the fee for a single session which is 180,000 won ($162 USD). This fee is paid up front by cash or credit.

Once the up front fee is paid customers are led to one of many massage rooms. There they undress and slip into a pair of shorts provided by the shop. A few minutes later a masseuse in her thirties appears and takes customers through the rest of the service.

The women who work at King are relatively good looking and fit considering their ages. They wear the kinds of dressed one may expect for the facility though obviously they wouldn’t win any kind of fashion show elsewhere. In any event the dresses only stay on for a brief period. There’s little use for them in the shower rooms where customers are washed from head to toe and given a round of covered oral and full service.

Although King is technically a massage parlor there isn’t much rubbing done there. At least that’s the case for foreigners. It’s unlikely that any Korean man would accept a rush treatment without a hint of a massage but that’s what is given to visitors from other areas who probably aren’t visiting to work a kink out of their back.

Tipping isn’t expected or required at King or any other Korean establishment. Things are done professionally but usually without any hint of extra treatment or warmth.

King Massage. Unseo, Incheon, South Korea. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Click here for a map.


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