Sun Massage in Unseo

sun-massage-entranceSun Massage is a full service massage parlor operating in the immediate vicinity of the Incheon International Airport near Seoul. As this website can attest South Korea is home to a massive adult entertainment industry. Much of it is off limits to foreigners however especially if they cannot speak the local language.

The many massage parlors in Unseo near the airports are totally open to foreigners. Most even go out of their way to advertise in multiple languages. The sign for Sun Massage is only written in Korean but the shop is open and welcoming to people from around the world.

Sun Massage is located just outside of the Unseo train station. This station is a stop on the AREX line that connects downtown Seoul to the Incheon and Gimpo airports. Unseo is only two stops from Incheon airport. It is a little further from Gimpo and Seoul.

The entrance to Sun is marked by a set of pink signs. The parlor is located on the third floor of a large building that houses a number of businesses. These kinds of buildings are common in Unseo. They are open around the clock and anyone can access the staircases or elevators without passing any desk or security staff.

When customers get to the third floor of the building they simply walk through the marked door and into the nice clean entrance. There they find a desk near the door. A woman on staff takes payment which is 150,000 Won ($135 USD) per session. This is less than most of the other parlors in the area charge. Both cash and cards are accepted.

Although the lobby at Sun Massage is rather the nice the many massage rooms are simply mediocre. Customers use these to change out of their street clothes. The clothes are placed in locking closets and a pair of shorts and slipper provided by the house is put on. Once customers are wearing the house gear they are visited by one of the women on staff.

The ladies who work at Sun Massage are a lot like the women at other massage parlors in the area. They tend to be in their thirties and have fit bodies. They also tend to be relatively attractive even if they are no match for the kind of younger more attractive women that work at places like Belle and Cool in Gangnam. They are usually limited in their English skills to a few key words and phrases required to get through a session with a foreign customer.

Customers are led by masseuses down a twisted hallway that eventually passes through a doorway that would make James Bond smile. This leads to more massage rooms. It also leads to a wash room where customers are cleaned from head to toe and serviced.

Sessions can feel rushed at Sun Massage. The scrub is followed by covered oral and full service with the customer being expected to finish in a few minutes. There is no declared time limit though the masseuses obviously like to get through sessions even if there are no other customers waiting.

Once sessions conclude customers are told to shower on their own. Then they put their shorts back on and head to the massage room where they put their street clothes back on. They are given a glass of cool tea water before leaving.

All of the massage parlors in Unseo claim to be open around the clock. While it is possible to walk into them all at any hour of the day it can be tough to find anyone inside during off hours like early mornings. At Sun there always seems to be someone at the desk. Otherwise it does not really stand out.

Sun Massage. Unseo, Incheon, South Korea. Open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Click here for a map.


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