Thai Massage in Unseo

Review of Thai Massage near Incheon International AirportUnseo is the name given to a small development built near the Incheon International Airport near Seoul. Just a few minutes away from the airport on the train, Unseo was created for airport workers and visitors alike though I’m sure some others live there too. Unseo has a lot of hotels, motels, restaurants, bars and apartments. It also has a lot of massage parlors. This website has reported on some of them in the past.

Perhaps the most obvious massage parlor for any visitor to Unseo arriving via the AREX train would be Thai Massage. After people exit the train and cross the street they are confronted by large signs on the sidewalk advertising “Thai Massage” in the Korean, English, Japanaese and Chinese languages. The Thai Massage sign points to a nearby building which houses all sorts of various businesses. The massage parlor is housed on the fifth floor.

More signs inside the building point to the location. There is a large open staircase in the building for some reason it is blocked off on the fourth floor. So the Thai Massage place can only be accessed by the lift. Inside the lift there are more signs indicating the fifth floor location. It would be impossible for anyone to miss.

Thai Massage is open 24 hours just like the other massage parlors in Unseo. It also shares other similarities with massage parlors around the area. But in some ways it is very different.

When customers enter they see a front desk staffed by a Korean woman. On the desk there are numerous signs and sheets describing different massages available. They range in price from 50000 to 150000 Won ($42-84 USD). The cheapest is a short Thai massage. The most expensive package includes a long Thai massage and other things like ear candling.

After selecting a package and rendering payment customers take off their shoes and put on a pair of slippers. They are then guided to a large male locker room and given a wristband with a key attached. They use the key to open a locker and put their clothes inside. Then they use the showers which come complete with all the soaps and shampoos one could require. After that they dry off and put on one of the provided loose pants and a shirts. Once they emerge from the locker room they will be guided by one of the Thai masseuses down the hall to a foot washing room. After having their feet washed they will be taken to one of the many private massage rooms.

The masseuses at Thai Massage are middle aged Thai women. They are friendly and skilled at their jobs but not the most attractive women around. This doesn’t matter much since they don’t provide any erotic services at all. This may surprise some but it should come as no shock to those in the know.

In South Korea there are many erotic massage parlors. Several have been reported on here. On the other hand places labeled as offering “Thai Massage” are usually not involved in anything sensual at all. Thai Massage in Unseo is not exception. Although it looks like other massage parlors in the area and even stays open around the clock the place purely deals in regular clothed massages. Some hints other than the Thai Massage name are the presence of a women’s locker room.

There are some erotic massage places in South Korea that hire foreign women including gals from Thailand but this is not one of them. It’s simply a place for people to clean up and get a rub down in the traditional Thai style.

It also a place that breaks from the norms of Korean culture by asking for tips. The women who work the place sometimes go as far as following customers into the locker room with their hands out to ask for tips. This is very out of the ordinary in the country but it seems to be standard practice with non-Korean customers at Thai Massage.

Thai Massage. Unseo, Incheon, South Korea. Open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Click here for a map.


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